i am lost and i rejoice in the openness.

I cannot decide where to go.

so for now, i will dance where i am and be.

There is no goal- no destination - just being.

i sinG and dance and live in the wilderness and i am home.


i am lisa,

A manifestation of Beauty, an incarnation of thousand Gods,

a broken Soul trying to heal.

I am the darkest shadow of my self drawn by divine light.

I am a warrior. I am a Fighter.

I am wonder woman embracing her strongest weakness.

I am seeking for the unknown, trying to find

the ones who are like me but so magically different.

I am Art AND every color,

an Inspirator longing to get inspired.

i am rhythm.i am movement.

I am a spirit expressing it self through a body.

i am my inner voice.

I AM ¦NN§æ¦ Ð.


This space is made to share.

It is an expression of my self, my journey, my work.

I filled it with my energy, my emotions and my truth.

it is an invitation to take a look through my eyes.

let your self be moved by it.

Love it, hate it, judge it, follow it.